Agrafa Group Ltd.

Join Us because the story start writing now

Our Company:

Our company is proudly named “Agrafa” after the mountainous area in mainland Greece in the Evrytania region, in honor of our founding member. “Agrafa” in Greek also means “unwritten”, something that hasn’t happened yet, and something that hasn’t been written in history. This is exactly what we do, we create the uncreated, we write the unwritten.

Moreover, “Agrafa” stands as an umbrella for our group of companies. In our group there are companies operating in innovative technologies on medicine, such as “AEIGENESYS” and “HippocraticLab”.

The symbolism of the beautiful mountains of Agrafa remind us that we must always aim for the peak. Agrafa will continue to innovate and ever-evolve. Our foundation of food products from Greek nature will shift the world’s perspective and mentality into the concept of conscious eating.

Our Vision:

The vision of Agrafa Group is to make the finest parts of Greece accessible to the world, through connecting the producer and consumer with a circle that will include the senses, the colors, the
flavors and the simplicity of Greek nature.

Combining modern-day technologies, science and ancient methods, the foundation of our company is to create and promote nature’s finest products in a sustainable and enviro-conscious way.

Agrafa group seeks to cultivate the young minds who share a passion for the environment, and the emerging need for the agro-food sector to be reimagined, in the way nature intended it to be, via its sister brand, “The University of the Earth”, «Το Πανεπιστήμιο της Γης».

Who we are:

The founders of the Agrafa Group were brought together through a mutual love for the concept of “conscious eating” in August 2021. The group is made up of diverse scientists and renown businesspeople operating both in the department of medicine as well as the field of food. After a most interesting journey we decided to bring back to life the Hippocratic saying: “Our food should be our medicine, whilst our medicine should be our food”-Hippocrates 469B.C. – 377B.C. In other words, we are what we eat.

There is, however a little twist on our approach, and that is the concept of “conscious eating”. Our perspective of conscious eating is derived from medicine, while focusing on the health-claimed products of the Greek land. In other words, we want our food to be our medicine.

Agrafa will reinvent the accumulation of multiple senses, in a most delectable and fresh way. After all, the “Taste” Experience is a matter of neuroscience.